Saturday, October 1, 2016

Beautiful autumn day with my family

Today my older sister and my niece came over from Denmark, so me and mom spent the day with them. A tripp out in natur and some celebrating my niece whom had a birthday in the beginning of September (actually, we both had, she is born on my 24th birthday). It was a really nice day, calm and exactly what I needed after yesterdays court day and extreme headache. Only thing that went wrong today was the fact that I was so tired from being so emotionally drained yesterday so I slept way to heavily, not waking up when mom called and making everyone freak out out of worry for me, but it all turned out ok in the end, I was after all only sleeping.. and sleep is something I want to do now as well, I'm still tired and not fully recovered from yesterday, and the fact that I have had heavy period pain the entire day hasn't helped, so I will soon crawl down in my bed, maybe do some reading before I fall asleep.

Sorry for not having anything more exciting to talk about, here you got some pictures from today instead.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Court day and moral curage

(TW- violence against women)
So, in February this year, in the middle of the day on a Sunday, on my way to taekwondo practice, I witnessed an assault. A man beating up a woman. I tried to go in between, and he threatened me, I could see in his eyes, in his facial expression, that he was dangerous, and I got scared. Still, I couldn't just walk away, so I hid behind some bushes, called the police and had to stand there watching him throwing her down on the ground while waiting for the police to come. A woman in a car heard me talking to the police and backed her car so the woman could jump in, then I had to run and hid so the man wouldn't go after me, he disappeared and me still talking to the police and believing the coast was clear went to go look at the street name where I saw him walk away (the police wanted to know) suddenly he came out of nowhere and started to chase me, luckily I got away.

Today was court day, I of course was called as a witness. It was scary to go in there, see him and knowing that he now got a good look at my face and also learned my name, but I don't regret for a single second my interference, I have always said that I of course would do something if I saw something like this happen, but honestly you don't know until you truly are in that situation. I am also so glad that the woman pressed charges against him, I know that that's not always the case, and I hope he really goes down for this.

Please, if you ever are in a situation where you can help someone, even if you can't physically interfere, call the police, do something, it's important, don't be a bystander, if you see something like this happen it IS your business, weather you like it or not.

 On my way to the court this morning..


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

That foggy feeling of sleep deprivation

Thinking of good things to write, trying to form words to write something insightful and interesting, but I'm so tired from my sleepless nights that my brain don't work as it should. Hopefully I will be able to get a good nights sleep this night, cause I really need it.

So, what have I been up to today? Not much really, done a little bit of shopping (new book! The third in the series of Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children) and that's pretty much it, as I said, sleep deprived, so I've been running on an empty tank, but I wanted to make a blog post anyway, figured that now that I've started I should get in to it and make sure I have a somewhat good start.

It's still to early to go to bed, she's only 7.30 PM, so I have to wait a couple of more hours if I want to make sure that I can fall asleep and sleep through the whole night (with a little help from my meds), so I'm enjoying some cold beer and netflix. Hopefully this blog will be filled with interesting posts in the near future, but today this is all I got.

When it's dark out.

She's 04.41 in the morning, it's still dark outside and I haven't slept all night. Insomnia. Suddenly inspiration struck and I had to get out of my bed to sit down at my computer and finally start a blog. That's so typical me, always starting new projects at weird hours. Lucky I have nowhere to be today, so when sleep comes I can sleep. If it comes before it's light out, I can't go to bed once the sun is up, don't know why, that's just the way it is. I want to go back to my bed and my sea of pillows, but I don't think it will work, I will toss and turn until the brink of day, or well... it kinda is the brink of day right now, it just doesn't feel like it cause it's still so dark outside.

One good thing about suffering from insomnia is that you get meds to sleep on, then of course, if you didn't suffer from it you wouldn't need them. Anyway, I have the meds, didn't take them last night, but will make sure to take them this evening so I can get some rest. I need lots of rest this week, come Friday I will have to go to court to witness, more on why in a separate post.

I'm hungry, maybe I should just make me some breakfast and start the day? Of course me starting the day would only mean eating my breakfast while watching netflix. Have a few errands to run today, but nothing will be open until another few hours. So, breakfast it is, coffee. Always caffeine in some way.

So.. good morning and welcome to my blog.